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High Frequency.
High Resolution.
High Accuracy.

Leveraging 6 satellites from 3 different constellations, Streambatch gives you timely and accurate NDVI at 10m resolution for every location on Earth.

  • Time-Series or Rasters
  • Updated Daily, 10 Year Archive
  • Simple & Intuitive API
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Do Agricultural Analysis.
Not Image Processing.

NDVI is a foundational metric for agricultural data science. But you don't need to spend resources building that foundation. We've done it for you.

Use our API to go from needing NDVI data to having it right where you want it.

# get NDVI for a single farm in Brazil

ndvi_0 = {
    'variable': ['ndvi.streambatch'],
    'space': [[-44.149163, -20.789250]],
    'time': {

# get NDVI for 1000 farms in Mexico

ndvi_1 = {
    'variable': ['ndvi.streambatch'],
    'space': farms, #points
    'time': {

# get average NDVI for entire state of Ohio

ndvi_2 = {
    'variable': ['ndvi.streambatch'],
    'space': ohio, #polygon of Ohio
    'time': {


We offer the industry's most cost-effective NDVI solution using only public data and advanced fusion technology


The Streambatch API is dead simple. Our customers are operational with Streambatch in minutes.


Streambatch customers enjoy exceptional support delivered by experts. We succeed only when our customers do.

Data Quality

Streambatch’s NDVI is accurate and reliable. Data for anywhere on Earth is available in near real-time.


The data is.

Don't spend valuable resources doing research and image processing. We've done that for you.

Get the power of daily, high resolution NDVI data with the industry's best API. And then get to work on actual analysis.

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