We empower agribusinesses to monitor regenerative practices in their supply chain.

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We enable GHG emission accounting at scale

Using remote sensing we provide all the critical information for GHG modeling and regenerative practice verification

  • Phenological data & vegetation time-series (incl. daily NDVI)
  • Field-level sustainable practices data (incl. cover crops, tillage)
  • Carbon models
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Reliable data for any model

No matter which GHG Accounting framework you use, accuracy depends on reliable field data. Streambatch seamlessly delivers the essential inputs. Plug-and-play with any tool.

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Do Agricultural Analysis.
Not Data Engineering.

Streambatch offers a light-weight solution that feeds farming practice data into any GHG accounting system or workflow.

  "cropType": "Potato",
  "location": 'farm_polygon',
  "dateRange": "2023-04-01 to 2023-09-30",
  "phenology": {
    "start_of_season": "2023-04-15",
    "peak_of_season": "2023-06-20",
    "end_of_season": "2023-09-10",
    "peak_of_season_ndvi": 0.901943,
    "rate_of increase_ndvi": 0.010133,
    "long_integral_of_season_ndvi": 67.187084,
    "valley_of_season_ndvi": 0.081875,

  "cropType": "Corn",
  "location": "farm_polygon",
  "sustainabilityPractices": {
    "tillageType": "No-till",
    "coverCrop": "True",

  "cropType": "Soybean",
  "location": "farm_polygon",
  "soilCarbon": {
    "measurementDate": "2023-05-20",
    "carbonContent": "3.2%",

1 - Connect

Send basic field data to Streambatch

2 - Measure

Get accurate, quantitative assessments of farming practices

3 - Integrate

Generate accurate GHG accounting from your model of choice


MRV at scale demands robust modeling enabled by high resolution remote sensing. We've built just that. Streambatch delivers MRV solutions for organizations who are serious about rigorous, transparent validation of farming practices at scale.